Princing and Cancelations


For EIN / Tax ID and ITIN orders your order begins processing immediately after submission. During processing, it may be possible to cancel the order, but once the revision process is complete and the request has been submitted to the IRS, orders can no longer be cancelled.

To request a cancellation of your order during processing, you may call our support department or send an email to

You hereby acknowledge that the scope of services provided by Easy Apply Tax is limited to manually reviewing of your application, electronically submitting the EIN request to the IRS and delivering via email an accurate SS4 form filled out with the information you supplied to our system.

If the IRS is unable to issue an EIN because of any misinformation provided by customer or if customer has any pending matters with the IRS that prevents the agency from issuing an EIN, it shall not constitute a service failure from easy-apply, as the scope of the contracted services have been fulfilled.

For Tax Returns, you may cancel an order after final revision and prior to the final return being submitted to the IRS.



If you are not completely satisfy with the services provided, you may request a refund in 10 days after receiving your order.

Refunds are given in the same manner in which user completed the order. Additionally, if the payment method that was used to pay for the transaction is no longer valid, canceled or stops working for any reason, Site will not be responsible if you can not receive reimbursement for reasons of closure, cancellation or any reason to limit the operation of payment method.


Charges for services

a. New EIN / Tax ID  / ITIN Filings:

Regular Delivery (up to 3 business days)
EIN for Businesses: $40.90 – Trusts and Estates: $40.25 – Non Profits and Churches: $39.90

$247.00 – Next Day Delivery (next business day)

$295.00 – Express Delivery (60 minutes delivery) – Available only Monday through Friday, from 10am to 6pm, ET.

** Application errors, mistakes, conflicts or pending matters with the IRS could delay the process and may require additional information from customer. **

b. EIN Number Retrieval / IRS Verification Letters:

$39.90 – Regular Delivery (up to 3 business days)

$157.00 – Express Delivery (next business day)

** Should the IRS require additional information or if any information provided doesn’t match the IRS records, we will contact you via email or phone in order to obtain the correct information.
Information mismatches could delay the completion of your order. **


c. Tax Extensions
$59.95 – Filed Electronically
$39.90 – Mailed In

d. Tex Returns
$270.00 and up – Personal
$320.00 and up – Corporate
e. Audits

Audits are quoted on a per job basis.